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About Us

Who we are

We’re Jenna and Kylie, co-creators of Botanik. The idea for Botanik started in early 2017 when we decided to blend our love for the outdoors and natural products.

Both passionate about working up a healthy sweat, we decided we’d start with natural deodorant. Our goal was to deliver an organic and reliable deodorant safe for all, including the environment, with ingredients so natural you could eat them.

The overwhelmingly positive response to our natural deodorant inspired us to expand into new categories. So, with nature in mind, we will continue this journey to deliver thoughtful and reliable natural essentials that make you feel a little closer to the great outdoors.

The journey so far!

It all started experimenting with ingredients in the kitchen. We were determined to create the perfect natural deodorant formula. We quickly realized the old, “stick to what you’re good at” saying rings true. We have a diverse mix of experience working with startup companies in various industries, primarily in marketing. So we decided to focus on creating a meaningful brand and leave the formulating to the experts. We’ve spent countless hours vetting suppliers to ensure the highest quality ingredients and manufacturing practices. We are proud to partner with small, primarily family owned and operated, suppliers all in the USA.

“In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks”

- John Muir

Our values

We’re committed to creating safe and reliable natural body care products that inspire a connection with nature. We have a passion for sustainability, and we work hard to source organic ingredients, reduce our impact and craft products that you can feel good about supporting. Giving back has been a part of the mission since day one, and we’re proud to give back 1% of annual sales to environmental nonprofits in partnership with 1% For The Planet.